Vox Lumiere is an explosive mashup of music, dance, technology and silent film.

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“Mind-blowing entertainment… truly different, incredibly exciting, and definitely the ticket for one of the coolest theatrical events to be found in LA.”


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Once you get a taste of VOX, you just want more. And that’s okay, ‘cuz we’ve got four shows with lots more on the way.

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A riveting new kind of storytelling that will inspire you and haunt your dreams long after the curtain falls.



Vox Lumiere joins Cirque du Soleil and Stomp as a one-of-a-kind theatrical experience audiences crave!


A multidimensional hi-decibel blast of visual and auditory splendor!


WOW… A 1920s silent movie classic + 21st-century techno-punk-rock with an operatic twist + some of the most exciting contemporary dance moves you’re likely to see on a Los Angeles theater stage = Vox Lumiere, Kevin Saunders Hayes’ latest thrilling mash-up of all of the above…. One thing is certain. Unless you’ve seen one of Vox Lumiere’s previous shows, you’ve never seen anything quite like Vox Lumiere…the hottest ticket in town.


Dramatic and powerful… hauntingly beautiful… Exhilarating and mystifying … this break from tradition is a mark of brilliance and artistic innovation.

Neon Tommy

Does this selfie make me look fat? No… really.

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“Incredibly inventive… a top-notch immersive, multimedia steampunk dunk into another world. Highly recommended.”

Dread Central

Safe Sucks – Our Manifesto

It’s become a world where “it sells” means “it’s good”, and art has become boring, dull, and predicable. It’s become safe. Safe sucks! [Read More]

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