Vox Lumiere’s The Phantom of the Opera

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Vox Lumiere’s The Phantom of the Opera

Like H.G. Well’s time-machine, Vox Lumiere’s first Off-Broadway production The Phantom of the Opera bridges time and space to bring all the passion, seduction and mystery of the world’s most famous opera house to the 21st century.

Musicians, singers, and dancers perform a new musical mash-up of rock, pop, EDM, opera and classic Hollywood film scoring all perfectly synchronized with the 1925 Lon Chaney silent classic. Wrap-around screens envelope you in the film, while cutting-edge multimedia opens a portal for Vox Lumiere’s Steampunk-inspired ensemble to propel you deep into the heart of this timeless story – adding insight, detail and emotion – along with an outrageous 21st century twist that complements and juxtaposes the film.

Old Movie
New Music
Killer Show

The silent film Phantom looms over his Steampunk counterpart in the new production of Vox Lumiere - The Phantom of the Opera

Part epic concert, part interactive movie, part cutting-edge theatre.

A mind-blowing journey filled with thrilling new music, breathtaking visuals, drama and live-wire performances – don’t miss it!

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The opera dive feigns embarrassment at winning 7 Los Angeles Ticketholder Awards for Vox Lumiere - The Phantom of the Opera.

"I'd like to thank all the little people..."

Vox Lumiere – The Phantom of the Opera Wins 7 Los Angeles Ticketholder Awards, including Special Events and Performances, Best Esemble Cast in a Musical, Best Adaptation, Best Musical Score, Best Costume Design, Best Lighting Design and Best CGI/Video Design. [Read More]

WOW… A 1920s silent movie classic + 21st-century techno-punk-rock with an operatic twist + some of the most exciting contemporary dance moves you’re likely to see on a theater stage = Vox Lumiere – The Phantom of the Opera, Kevin Saunders Hayes’ latest thrilling mash-up of all of the above…. One thing is certain. Unless you’ve seen one of Vox Lumiere’s previous shows, you’ve never seen anything quite like Vox Lumiere – The Phantom of the Opera…the hottest ticket in town.

LA Stage Scene

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