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Vox Lumiere – Phantom

Like H.G. Well’s time machine, Vox Lumiere bridges time and space to bring the passion, seduction, mystery and murder of 19th century Paris and The Phantom of the Opera to the 21st century.

Musicians, singers, and dancers perform a musical mash-up of rock, pop, EDM, opera and classic Hollywood film scoring all perfectly synchronized with the 1925 Lon Chaney classic, while wrap-around screens envelope you in the film. Cutting-edge multimedia opens a portal for Vox Lumiere’s Steampunk-inspired ensemble to propel you deeper into the heart of this timeless story – adding detail, insight and emotion, and a 21st century ‘story-within-a-story’ that complements and juxtaposes the film

It’s all action, romance, drama, thrills and suspense you love – brought to you with a whole new attitude.

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Phantom Wins Big at LA’s Annual Ticket Holder Awards. [Read More]

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