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    A masterpiece! -La Dauphine Libere

    It’s the future! You know flying cars, world peace, TV phones (oh, yeah, got that) … sexy evil robots!

    It’s a world were the 1% percent live in opulent luxury while the rest of us work 10 hour shifts in the machine rooms below. No it’s not the nightly news, it’s the amazing 1926 Sci Fi classic seen through the crazy cool kaleidoscopic Google Glasses of Vox Lumiere.

    METROPOLIS: You can’t deny the future.

    Scenes from Metropolis
    Want to see the future? Sure, we’ll give ya’ a peek.
    Click on the videos below and remember, just don’t touch anything!

  • The dynamic group rocked the sold-out house! –

    An original and compelling work. The vocals and musical instrumentation convey the drama – caressing the most tender moments and arouse the full spectrum of emotions. It’s magnificent, a masterpiece!
    - La Dauphine Libere, France

    From the beginning of the first act, the audience was transported by Vox Lumiere’s American singers and musicians, backed by the 16 member Avignon Opera Choir. The audience was a buzz after the performance, and excited audience member Chantal told La Provence and she “was dazzled by the music, as she felt the vibrations internally – it was overwhelming”.
    - La Provence, France