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Peter Pan

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The Lost Boys are a punk band, the Pirates sing a pretty mean four-part harmony (when they’re not dancing the “monkey” or sewing some snazzy new outfits), Tink’s Fairy Squadron has got some fierce dance moves, their Wing Commander is an awesome rapper and Tinkerbell… well Tinkerbell can definitely kick your butt, (and is just a little conflicted when it comes to getting approval from the emotionally unavailable Peter.)

Yeah, this ain’t your Momma’s Neverland.

We’re up in the attic, and there’s all sorts of cool stuff for us to use for our show. (Yeah, Hook’s hook might look like a Big Gulp cup wrapped with aluminum foil, but I wouldn’t mess with him if I were you). It’s the second star to the right and straight on ’til morning (or until Mom calls us for dinner). Come on, it’s time for Peter Pan!

Scenes from Peter Pan
So, what’s it like? We thought you’d never ask. Click on the videos below and see a few scenes.