The Phantom of the Opera

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Performances begin September 19th!

Like H.G. Well’s time machine, Vox Lumiere bridges time and space to bring all the passion, seduction, mystery and murder of 19th century Paris and The Phantom of the Opera to 21st century Los Angeles.

Musicians, singers, and dancers perform new music perfectly synchronized with the 1925 Lon Chaney classic, propelling you deeper into the heart of this timeless story than ever before. Multiple wrap-around screens envelope you in the film, and cutting-edge multimedia opens a portal for Vox Lumiere’s Steampunk-inspired ensemble to lead you on an ‘up close and personal’ backstage tour of the world most famous opera house adding detail, insight and emotion to the story, as well as a 21st century ‘story-within-a-story’ that complements and juxtaposes the film.

A live band and world-class vocalists layout a musical mash-up of rock, pop, alternative, techno, dance, EDM, opera and classic Hollywood film scoring, while dancers dart in and out of the warm glow of Edison lights on a multi-level set that will make you believe you are actually in the wings of the opera stage.

It’s all the action, romance, drama, thrills and suspense you expect from Phantom – brought to you with a whole new attitude, a lot of fun, a pinch of mischief and a healthy dose of anarchy.

With Vox Lumiere you’ll experience magic and allure of The Phantom of the Opera like you never thought possible. You’ll be cheering, singing and ready to dance as this haunting, playful romp and bewitching fusion of music, dance and silent film comes to life before your eyes.

Vox Lumiere-The Phantom of the Opera
Silents you can hear™

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