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Vox Lumiere-Metropolis: A Heart-Pounding Experience

Reviewer: Kurt Kuroly

I had the opportunity to catch Vox Lumiere-Metropolis at Proctors in downtown Schenectady. What do we expect from “Rock meets silent film?”

I’m not sure anyone in attendance actually knew what to expect from Vox Lumiere-Metropolis, either. I was under the impression that I was about to see a silent movie with live rock music and dancing. While that may describe Vox Lumiere to some degree, it doesn’t come close to truly describing the fusion of music, dance, choreography and theater that creator Kevin Hayes has put together.

The silent movie, Metropolis, would in and of itself hold it’s own among movie goers. It’s a story that takes place in the future, about an evil robot, love between a man and a woman and the reconciliation of friends and father and son.

The music and dancing add passion to what is already a dramatic story, It’s synchronized perfectly with the classic film, the band plays seamlessly from haunting ballad to rock and at times rock-rap. I’m sure everyone in the audience would find something that hit home in this eclectic mix of music.

The dancers are wonderful and enhance the screen performance of Metropolis. There’s a lot to watch during the two act performance but the spotlight helps guide where your focus should be. So how would I describe this experience overall? Wonderful. The closing song asks, “Do you like what you see?” Without hesitation I would say yes. It stimulates all the senses and leaves you anticipating the next silent film/musical creation by Kevin Hayes.