Vox Lumiere – Hunchback of Notre Dame

Kidnapping, lust, lying, sword fights and attempted murder! It’s an action-packed adventure that reveals beauty can be found in the most unlikely places.

“A multidimensional, high-decimal blast of visual and auditory splendor!”  – The Dallas Morning News

Vox Lumiere – Metropolis

It’s the future! You know flying cars, really cool gadgets and… sexy evil robots! It’s a world were the 1% percent live in opulent luxury while the rest of us work 10 hour shifts in the machine rooms below. No it’s not the nightly news, it’s the amazing 1926 Sci Fi classic seen through the crazy cool kaleidoscopic Google Glasses of Vox Lumiere.

Vox Lumiere’s Metropolis – You can’t deny the future.

A masterpiece! – La Dauphine Libere

Vox Lumiere – Peter Pan

The Lost Boys are a punk band, the Pirates sing a mean four-part harmony and Tinkerbell… well Tink can definitely kick your butt. This ain’t your momma’s Neverland.

We’re up in the attic, and there’s all sorts of cool stuff for us to use for our show. Yeah, Hook’s hook might look like a Big Gulp cup wrapped with aluminum foil, but I wouldn’t mess with him. It’s the second star to the right and straight on ’til morning (or until Mom calls us for dinner). Come on, it’s time for Peter Pan!

An intense experience not soon forgotten! – Talkin’ Broadway.com